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Things which Bill Nye doesn't know about science
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:49:42 AM »
For any who might have missed the debate Tuesday evening, it may be seen on Youtube:

What I was listening to was more of a debate on the age of the Earth than on evolution although the two topics are related.  Ham is well schooled in the arguments against evolution, but he believes in a literal interpretation of Genesis and a roughly six thousand year old universe;  that is pretty much impossible to defend.  Nye, on the other hand, strikes me as a sort of a yuppie and an acolyte of Carl Sagan's who has not made any sort of a real effort to keep up with science topics which relate to origins questions;  it should have been a lot easier for somebody who was on top of such topics to pick him apart.  Ham, unfortunately, was not up to it.

A minimal list of things which Bill Nye either does not know or does not want to talk about regarding science include the following:

Images of known dinosaur types seen in Native American petroglyphs and described in Native American oral traditions as described in Vin Deloria's "Red Earth, White Lies"

Stegosaur glyph at Massinaw, Lake Superior:

Amerind oral traditions describe "Mishipishu" the stegosaur/"Water Panther" as having red fur, a cat-like face, a saw-blade back, and a "great spiked tail" which he used as a weapon, i.e. as a stegosaur.  The horns were added by an Amerind touch-up artist at a much later date.

Soft tissue is now increasingly being found in dinosaur remains:

Radiocarbon dates are now being determined for dinosaur remains.  Most such dates show ages of 20,000 - 40,000 years:

The Haldane Dilemma indicates that the time frames which evolutionists actually need are vastly greater than anything they have ever considered.  The problems with dinosaur remains indicate that evolutionists have a few tens of thousands of years to work with at most;  scholars who have tried to extrapolate Walter Remine's simple explanation of the Haldane dilemma to our entire biosphere speak in terms of quadrillions of years.  Evolutionist claims that the dilemma has been debunked are not credible:

Bill Nye claimed that radioactivity is a sufficient answer to Lord Kelvin's claim that heat equations indicate a maximal age of about 20 million years for our Earth.  Nye is apparently unaware that Bob Bass had redone Lord Kelvin's equations WITH a maximal figure for radioactive elements and came up with an upper bound of about 200 million years.

Bill Nye claimed (in the debate) that the idea of an expanding universe was a certainty;  it isn't.  Nye is apparently altogether oblivious of Halton Arp and the demise of interpreting cosmic redshift as distance and/or velocity.

Likewise Nye spoke of the "Big Bang" as if it were a certainty;  it isn't:

Having all the mass of the universe concentrated at a point would be the mother of all black holes, which nothing would ever "bang" its way out of.  Big bang is basically idiotic and should have been rejected from day one on purely philosophical grounds.  Other than that, without an expanding universe, there is no rationale for the big bang idea and the only evidence there ever was for an expanding universe was the misinterpretation of redshift as distance and velocity.

Nye tries to make the tired, old argument that a wooden ship could not be built large enough to serve Noah's purpose.  He apparently is not aware of the Ming treasure ships of the early 1400s, nor of the fact that the ark had only to float, and not move under sail.

Nye's entire presentation appeared based on the belief that he only had to demolish the idea of a 6000 year old Earth to win.  For instance he mentions stars which are more than 6 light years away from Earth.  That, of course,does not fix his problem of dinosaur remains radiocarbon dating to 20K - 40K years.  That is, a more reasonable assessment of the amount of time he has to work with indicates his entire position is FUBAR.

Nye spoke of "Tiktalik" as if evolutionists had no "missing link of the year" sort of history, in which no such candidate had ever passed any sort of a test of time or turned out to be anything other than a fraud or something other than a true transitional form.  Too many real experts are on the record to the effect that there are no transitional fossils.

Nye spoke of topminnows as if sex wasn't a gigantic problem for evolutionists.  Sex in fact DOUBLES the cost of keeping population levels together, while even a small increase in that cost theoretically dooms any species:

Nye spoke of the "cosmic background radiation" as if it were proof of something;  it isn't:

Nye mentioned light from more than 6000 light years distance...  Again Nye assumes he need only show some flaw in the notion of a 6000 year old universe to win.

We actually do have one planet in our system which is ballpark for some sort of a 6000 - 10000 year age, and Venus LOOKS like that:  900F surface temperature, 90-bar CO2 atmosphere in which a two mile/hour wind would knock you over, massive thermal imbalance, massive upwards infrared flux, total lack of regolith etc. etc.

Nye had a lot to say about correct predictions based on theories but he doesn't seem to be aware of the part his hero Sagan played in denying recognition to the one scholar who had in fact predicted what we would find on Venus as early as 1950 when textbooks still were claiming that Venus would be around 15 degrees warmer than Earth latitude per latitude based on it's position in the system:

In fact Sagan's counter-theory ("Super Greenhouse") to explain the intense heat on Venus is basically idiotic.  Sagan's claim is that some modicum of sunlight reaches the surface as ultra-violet energy and then cannot re-radiate as infrared due to the CO2 atmosphere.  Nonetheless descender probes have seen pitch darkness in the middle cloud layer and then light near and at the surface, meaning that the light at the surface is local, generated by intense electrical activity.  Any sunlight which reaches the surface, if any ever does, will be a drop in the ocean of light there.

It's good to have heroes, but a reasonable person should try to pick a hero who is not an idiot.  Bill Nye is apparently not aware of this.
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Re: Things which Bill Nye doesn't know about science
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2014, 01:52:37 PM »
The situation wrt Venus data:

I am not aware of any sort of a study after Pioneer Venus (1979) which would tend to invalidate the raw data regarding albedo and emissions at that time.