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General Discussion / Re: Making Sense of Ganymede
« Last post by Pituxalina on May 22, 2016, 10:49:41 PM »
I wonder if it's safe to venture on Ganymede or whether the radiation from Jupiter would prevent us from landing a manned expedition there?
Mars / Re: Sol 595, titanic wreckage scene
« Last post by icebear on July 10, 2015, 04:57:21 PM »

Sorry, there's no way to do that,  you need to sign up for a facebook account.  What appears to be the case is that FaceBook groups have taken up the slack which used to be occupied by usenet, so it's sort of a big deal;  everybody needs a facebook account at this point.
Mars / Re: Sol 595, titanic wreckage scene
« Last post by Pituxalina on June 21, 2015, 07:00:30 AM »
I don't have a facebook account and thus cannot visit the URL.  I hope you will open it so that people could at least see inside that account if possible.  Thanks in advance.
Mars / Re: Sol 595, titanic wreckage scene
« Last post by icebear on May 26, 2015, 07:48:02 AM »
Thanks for the link, Icebear.


There's a lot of good info on this forum site but this forum never really took off the way I'd hoped.  Much more promising is the Ganymede Hypothesis group page on FaceBook:
Mars / Re: The Construction of Phobos
« Last post by icebear on May 26, 2015, 07:46:30 AM »
From the Ganymede Hypothesis page on FaceBook:

Ganymede, and not Mars, was the original human home in our system. That says that humans on both Earth and Mars had to have come from Ganymede and/or something else in Jupiter's moon/planetary system (the bright side). Indigenous people on Mars would have been hominids and not humans (as was the case on Earth) and high tech would have been an obsidian spear blade as opposed to flint. A hominid of wealth and taste would have obsidian blades and scrapers.....

Thousands of years separate the two basic human saltations (Cro Magnons and Bible Antediluvians) on Earth. Humans on Ganymede became space-faring at some point and they saw the day of tshtf coming i.e. the day when the sun would capture the Southern system. Like "Holy ****, what the **** are we gonna do????????"

They had no real way to know if anything in our system would remain habitable at all; logic dictates that they would have tried to engineer a general escape from our entire system.
How do you do that? I mean, something like Commando Cody's little rocket ship just isn't gonna cut it for carrying 10 billion people out of harm's way...

I believe they set up shop on Mars with an eye towards engineering their general escape from there and that Phobos was either a prototype for one or more much larger vessels, or was somehow or other used in constructing the actual escape vessel(s). The questions are "Why from Mars", and "Why and how Phobos, much less anything much larger than Phobos?"

One answer to "Why from Mars" is that Mars and Earth would have been the furthest things from the center of mass of the entire system, i.e. the easiest place from which something truly large might escape the gravity of the system. There's another reason which I'll get to shortly.

Mankind could not build anything remotely like Phobos under present conditions. If you built it on earth it would never fly and if you built it in space you'd need vast armies of workers all wearing space suits, which is basically impossible. Further, the mass of Phobos is something like 200 million times the mass of the largest armored warship which humans have ever built. You can safely rule out any possibility of mankind ever mining that much metal.
Remember the discussion of Velikovsky and the claim of Venus being a new planet with a 900-degree F surface temperature and a 90-bar CO2 atmosphere? Humans would have observed a new planet being created anywhere nearby. Velikovsky claimed that the myth of Venus being born from the head of Zeus indicated the rocky planet being ejected from the gas giant. Al Degrazia claimed that sort of thing involved a gas giant relieving electrical stress by gathering charged material into one internal place and then ejecting it ("Solaria Binaria"). You'd call that electrical fissioning.
Troy's and my claim of stars and gas giants forming at the Z-pinch points of Birkeland currents might also conceivably serve as an explanation for rocky planets as well; but it's a safer bet that rocky planets are generally formed by electrical fissioning from gas giant type bodies and/or dwarf stars as Velikovsky and Degrazia claimed.

Now, suppose for a moment that humans some thousands of years ago had mastered the art of CONTROLLING this process and were able to cause the dwarf star Saturn to fission off something more or less to their specifications: a designer rocky planet or metallic geode of sorts.....

I'm assuming that Phobos is basically a metallic geode created via fissioning from Saturn, which was worked into a rough space station.

Richard Hoagland speaks of a Kardeshev class 1 or class 2 civilization being needed to create something like Phobos but he doesn't really provide any sort of an idea as to what a class 1 or 2 civilization would actually amount to or what would have to be involved. I believe this is basically the answer to that question or at least a big part of the answer.

This is also the other part of the question "Why from Mars". There was nothing between Saturn and Mars at the time. Something like Phobos having been created the way I've just described would just hang there in the space between Saturn and Mars in a zero-gravity environment. Al DeGrazia also theorized that the environment of the Saturnian system would be one in which the atmosphere was general to the system and not specific to individual bodies or planets. That says that the army of workers it would take to hammer something like Phobos into your basic upper Pleistocene 15-mile-diameter space station would likely not even need space suits or oxygen tanks.

Again, I see Phobos as having been either a prototype or something which was somehow involved in constructing the actual escape vehicle(s), which could, for all we know, still be out there somewhere from a quarter LY to a LY or so out there to the South of our system.

If all of that sounds crazy, you have to consider that standard science has no explanation for Phobos being metallic and reflecting light as it does, for it being non-solid, for Russian penetrating radar showing it to have rectangular interior spaces, or for that docking tower which turns up on Google searches on "Phobos Anomaly".

At least, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.....
Mars / Re: Sol 595, titanic wreckage scene
« Last post by Pituxalina on April 10, 2015, 05:52:47 AM »
Thanks for the link, Icebear.
Mars / Sol 595, titanic wreckage scene
« Last post by icebear on April 07, 2015, 03:10:44 AM »
Mars / Re: The strange case of MSL 184, and the blond on Mars....
« Last post by icebear on April 03, 2015, 03:32:25 AM »
OF course, I believe that the thing I'm calling a "gerbil tent" is larger than a real rover track or gerbil house and that the tracks you see in that same area are large....
Mars / The strange case of MSL 184, and the blond on Mars....
« Last post by icebear on April 02, 2015, 05:06:50 PM »
Sol 184 gigapan:

Tracks and gerbil tent (tent or at least something apparently covered with convas to protect it, notice you can see under the thing and it appears non solid).  Edge of frames 4 and 5 not quite 2/3 up; if tracks are from rover, the tent is for a gerbil (scale problem)...

Comparison of tracks near gerbil tent sol 184 and image of rover wheel sol 901:  very similar but do not match:

Raw image of woman looking at statue head, left side of frame 8, about 3/4 way up from bottom, max zoom:


1 = what appears to be some sort of a door in what otherwise looks like a boulder
2 = what looks like a woman with her back turned to us
3 = some sort of a piece of angle iron extending outwards from the rock
4 = something with too many straight lines and right angles to be natural, some sort of box
5 = plainly the head of a statue, a human head and face

Clear shadow goes into entrance of covered area.

Many other non-natural items in gigapan, a few other examples:

Troy and I are not in agreement on Sol 184;  He doesn't see what the apparent tracks by the gerbil tent could be if not rover tracks and that would appear to make the woman in the other frame be a Barbie doll, i.e. there is a problem with apparent scale.

In my own estimation, there are one or two to-many unnatural items in the area around the "woman" and the  image of the  woman is too clear.

  • The image of the woman is too clear.
  • The hair color is unlike anything else seen in Mars images, sort of a strawberry blond.
  • The statue head is unambiguous.
  • The woman appears to be looking at the statue head as you would expect.
  • The tracks near the "gerbil tent" do not appear to match the rover wheels.
  • But I've no real idea what else they could be.
  • Number of non-natural things in area near statue head argues for the woman being real.

Obviously, if this image actually is that of a woman living on Mars and presumably working for or at least with NASA, then we have a very big political problem here.

I don't have any mental picture of anybody setting up a Barbie doll scene on Mars.  In my view, either there is some explanation for the "tracks" beside the gerbil tent other than their being rover tracks, or there is some explanation for the apparent problem with scale going from the area of the gerbil tent and tracks, to the area of the woman and the statue head.
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