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Cosmos in Collision, The Ganymede Hypothesis

Cosmos In Collision

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Venus, an actual <10K year old planet

Theologians of past centuries were in the habit of attempting to add Bible chronologies up to what they viewed as a reasonable approximate age of our planet. That certainly does not work in our present age. Aside from any theological problems, there is the problem of Venus. Venus actually is ballpark for some kind of a 5000 to 12,000 year age estimate, but Venus looks like that.  Pretty much everything about Venus says new planet. Mars and Earth, of course, do not look like that at all and, thus, have to be much older than that, albeit not hundreds of millions or billions of years old. The creationists are actually a bit closer to the reality of the situation.


A big-picture view of current knowledge of the planet Venus, once thought to be a sister planet of Earth, includes the following facts:

  • A surface temperature of 850 - 1000 degrees F. and the pitiful spectacle of scientists trying to explain that by a greenhouse theory.
  • A planetary surface so new as to require scientists to devise a "global resurfacing event" to explain it.
  • The planet out of thermal balance according to all direct observations.
  • The reverse spin of Venus which cannot be primordial, and must have been caused by interaction with another planet.
  • The phase lock with Earth, indicating which planet that was.
  • Entirely similar myths and legends around the world describing a world-destroying catastrophe with Venus as causal agent.
  • Accurate records on different continents showing not only cycle times for Venus which are different from those of the present, but the SAME different times, from a date at which no known contact between the peoples involved existed. 

UFO Magazine Article

Falsification of Data

Reply to Tim Thompson Article on Talk.Origins Website

Summary of Pioneer Venus Findings



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